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Loren D. Pearson

Registered Patent Attorney

Florida Bar Board Certified Intellectual Property Attorney

For over twenty years, Loren D. Pearson has witnessed many of the unfortunate realities businesses face: original ideas get stolen, rivals trade off the value of brands that don’t belong to them, counterfeiters undermine creations, and trusted associates and contacts become competitors.  The negative impact of all of this is magnified for those with no in-house counsel to thoroughly prevent it from happening or fight it when it does.

Loren is the Founder and President of Pearson IP, an Intellectual Property Law Firm that specializes in identifying, registering, and policing patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Loren has been practicing Intellectual Property Law exclusively since 1996.

With his commitment to personal attention and over two decades of experience, Loren is helping change the landscape for businesses. Loren actively works to helps his clients identify, register, and police their inventions, brands, and creations.


Even if you’ve worked with an intellectual property attorney before, or have tried to get what you need from online services, you’ll find working with Loren is quite different:

  • He delves deep into client’s creations to protect broader concepts, rather than merely completing an application that offers little protection.
  • He offers true on-budget protection by charging flat fees.
  • Among his skills is helping those with failed cases finally win approval.
  • While able to help all kinds of businesses, he offers particular knowledge in chemical and polymer inventions.

In his free time, you can find Pearson skiing, fly fishing, learning all he can about computers, and working Pro Bono with favorite causes like Live Like Bella S’mores Society. https://livelikebella.org/smoresSociety.html

Loren’s mission is to exceed expectations, helping the vibrant and innovative business community receive the protection they deserve for their original work.

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